The Oral History Of John Riggins’ Boozy Night With A Supreme Court Justice

’48 Hours’ prompts new look at brutal California killings of Sabrina Gonsalves and John Riggins

Riggins approached OConnors seat, put his arm around her husband, looked over at the first female justice in history and uttered the famous line, come on, loosen up, Sandy baby, youre too tight. *** Basically it was me saying dont go, were going to have a lot of fun. Riggins [O’Connor] took it in great stride. I was sitting next to her and she was very gracious, laughing and smiling back. We thought it was kind of a delightful mix of personalities to have at the table. Wingo There was no sense in which Justice OConnor left early because of this. She told me when she arrived that she would have to leave by 10:45 and she actually stayed later than that. Wingo Certainly we didnt leave early because of his behavior. [The dinner, ending at 11:30, was] kind of late for a work day. Charles OConnor III, husband of Sandra Day OConnor [Mrs. O’Connor found John] very entertaining. Mary Lou Riggins, John Riggins wife *** Riggins then fell asleep on the floor, during a gaggle of dignitaries speeches, which included then-Vice President George H.W. Bush. *** Then he squatted and was staring off into space.


Now I didnt really get a chance to watch Alfred play, because I was traveling so much last year, Riggins told Larry Michael on Redskins Nation. But I got to see an interview you guys were doing when camp was opening up [today] and I told him I feel like Ive known him my entire life. Hes that kind of a guy. [Hes] clearly a guy whos very coachable and a guy thats always out there giving it his best shot. I think what he accomplished last year is nothing short of fantastic. As they say, the skys the limit for him. Riggins, who sported an afro and facial hair at times during his illustrious career, has a much more clean cut image nowadays, so you really couldnt blame Morris when he said he could point him out at first. I was excited to meet him, Morris said.

John Riggins ‘A Football Life’: Film Perfectly Tells Ultimate Redemption Story

As soon as Allen was gone, new coach Joe Gibbs saw Riggins potential and started giving him the ball. That resulted in back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons. That potential came to a point in the final game of the 1978 season. Riggins exploded for over 150 yards and also scored two touchdowns against the Dallas Cowboys . Unfortunately Roger Staubach and the Cowboys last-minute comeback ended the Redskins season. With his spirit crushed, Riggins stepped away from the game of football at just 30 years old. Joe Gibbs decided to bring him back after he returned home to Kansas.

Alfred Morris Please Meet John Riggins


The sordid tale unfolds at 10 p.m. (WCBS/Ch. 2) on Saturdays season premiere. Did we solve the case? No, said 48 Hours executive producer Susan Zirinsky . Did putting it on television help drive it a bit? Yes. For the last eight years, correspondent Troy Roberts has followed the case of Sabrina Gonsalves and John Riggins , who were headed to a birthday party 32 years ago but never made it.

John Riggins Struggles to Remember This Year’s Super Bowl Winner

(CBSDC) – As we learned in early February, former Washington Redskins great, John Riggins motivation for playing football was the money and fans, and not the game. He said as much to the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan. What wasnt certain was just how little he watches the game of football in retirement. One thing we learned when we sat down with you at the Palm was youre not necessarily the biggest fan of football in terms of watching it. That really flabbergasted Jason at the time, JP of the Junkies told Riggins Tuesday morning. Did you watch the Super Bowl? Uhhh no, answered Riggins.


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