Joe Theismann Feels Shiver Over Kevin Ware Injury

Joe Theismann contacts injured Louisville G Kevin Ware

Joe Theismann can sympathize with Kevin Ware. (USATSI)

Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 31 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Joe Theismann feels shiver over Kevin Ware injury Jim Corbett, USA TODAY Sports 12:23 a.m. EDT April 1, 2013 Louisville players were overcome with emotion after Kevin Ware’s injury. (Photo: Jamie Rhodes, USA TODAY Sports) Story Highlights Joe Theismann was reminded of his 1985 career-ending injury while seeing Kevin Ware on Sunday Ware suffered a severe injury to his lower right leg Sunday in the NCAA Midwest Region final Theismann said, “My prayers go out to him, my heart goes out to him” SHARE 402 CONNECT 104 TWEET 31 COMMENTEMAILMORE A shiver went through Joe Theismann as he sat inside his Loudoun County, Va. home office Sunday, watching the Duke-Louisville NCAA tournament game. The horrific right leg injury suffered by Louisville guard Kevin Ware caused the former Washington Redskins quarterback a nightmarish flashback.

2013-03-31 Russ Smith Gorgui Dieng

Reported Theismann: [I said], Go to YouTube .’ He said, Thank you, I appreciate it so much.’ As for the aftermath of the injury, Theismann talked about how impressed he was with Pitino’s handling of his team and that he’ll watch the Cardinals this weekend with plenty of interest. As for his own leg injury, he’s certainly not forgotten the night it happened. The night lives with me quite often because people will come up all the time and ask me how the leg is. That’s the No. 1 question, Theismann said. Seeing what happened to Kevin took me back to Nov.

When Theismann said the Bullets were making D.C. a basketball town

Have you ever heard a scout talking about a pitcher or quarterback with a weak arm? “He couldn’t break a pane of glass,” is one of the classic scouting shorthands for “he doesn’t throw very hard.” Well, that phrase was never uttered in reference to John Elway’s arm strength, which would have blown a pane of glass to bits during his football playing days. But what if he had to accomplish the feat on the golf course? In the finale of ‘Big Break Celebrity Challenge,’ Elway, along with fellow former signal-caller Joe Theismann, Orlando Magic great Penny Hardaway and more take on the famous challenge. ‘Big Break Celebrity Challenge’ is available exclusively on and Golf Channel Mobile, and Big Break NFL airs Tuesdays at 9PM ET only on Golf Channel. Sports & Recreation

Big Break Celebrity Challenge: Elway and Theismann try to break the glass

Wait a minute, you say. You say the Bullets won it all last year and beating the Hawks this time is only a second-round victory with two more series to go. So how, you ask, is this one different? How does this victory give the Bullets more credibility than ever? Glad you asked. Jimmy Carter may have been out in the wild, backpacking, or working on his cross-court forehand last June when the Bullets won the last game of the NBA championships.


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