Deangelo Hall Responds To Jay Cutler

DeAngelo Hall banned from interview for wearing illegal logo

DeAngelo Hall (AP)

Here’s a note from the Denver Post that week: With Broncos star receiver Brandon Marshall missing the opener to serve his one-game suspension, Mike Shanahan built his game plan around Royal beating Hall. Afterward, Hall said the Broncos outschemed the Raiders – a term that points a finger at the coaching staff. Cutler scoffed at that notion. “We played one-on-one football with them; we didn’t outscheme them,” Cutler said. “Eddie Royal beat DeAngelo Hall time after time after time. That’s what happened.” Other reports indicated that Cutler laughed while saying this. Then this week, after Hall tied the NFL record for interceptions against Cutler, the quarterback remained unimpressed , saying “if we had to play them tomorrow, I’d go at him every time, if we could.” During a late-morning appearance on SportsCenter, that clip was played for Hall, who laughed in turn.

Still, Shanahan on Monday didn’t rule out some kind of team punishment for Hall, pending any league discipline. “If there is something that occurs, you’ve got to be strong enough to stay away from it,” Shanahan said. “That’s part of being a good leader and a very smart football player.” On Wednesday, Shanahan said he didn’t anticipate that Hall would be suspended for the incident. Sanders will be headed for a meeting of his own with NFL officials, who want to discuss his fourth-quarter leg cramp in a 24-17 victory Oct. 21 against Cincinnati . Sanders maintains he did nothing wrong when he suddenly dropped to the ground with the Steelers nursing a seven-point lead. Officials stopped play after Sanders lay on the turf, and television announcers suggested the third-year receiver was faking it so Pittsburgh could avoid using a timeout.

Redskins’ Hall explains rant over playcalling after loss to Cowboys

michael phillips (@michaelpRTD) September 30, 2013 NFL rules state that only Nike logos may be visible during official interviews. Never seen that rule enforced in a locker room, though. michael phillips (@michaelpRTD) September 30, 2013 D’Hall was in a great mood giving us great answers and then a NFL official walked over and told him to change his shirt. He wasnt happy. Dianna Marie Russini (@DRussNBC) September 30, 2013 HIs shirt was plain black, with a small Lacoste sign. He pretty much flipped out.

DeAngelo Hall’s postgame chat was cut short by NFL wardrobe inspector, who threatened to fine him

“He plays this game with a passion. He plays this game with his heart. And a lot of times that allows him to be as great as he is.” Added cornerback Josh Wilson : “We are very competitive. We are very emotional. And sometimes we have it right here on our sleeve. …

DeAngelo Hall tells his side

Bryant caught eight passes that day for 145 yards and two touchdowns, including one for 85 yards. But the Cowboys lost that contest, too, 38-31. Those two games helped keep Dallas out of the playoffs. At 6-foot-2, 222 pounds, Bryant is a physical force who can overpower opposing corners even if they are in relatively good position. He finished last season with a career-high 92 receptions in 16 games. Hall insisted that theres no guarantee he will be the player matched up primarily against Bryant .

DeAngelo Hall on Cowboys game: ‘We got a lot to play for’

But I could. Hall: For what? Inspector: (Points to logo)That. Hall: For a T-shirt? I wore this to the game! This isnt the podium. What am I supposed to do? Inspector: You dont have to do the interview. Hall: Okay, Im not doing it. Hey, yall write about this. Write about him shutting down my interview. DeAngelo Hall (AP) Despite the vigilance in Oakland, Steinberg found at least nine other NFL players wearing unauthorized logos from companies like Polo, Under Armour, Remington and Adidas during Week 5 postgames.

DeAngelo Hall gears up for another showdown with Dez Bryant

Get him but if anything — yeah but it didn’t look good Mays. You noted that the — — I think it was you know who would be often that people would you know Peyton Manning with those guys and won’t play. You know dallas’ Tony Romo never cease to amaze so you know they came out is set off kind of records — meant it made a lot of plays and you know there was no way did you know that last second unit and kind of cost in the game will be played it again. Crazies that when there you definitely happy that his dad. — — — Hum brokerage you know in his league were talking weather last year in this league you don’t get those opportunities so. You know for us to be best for that opportunity did you notice now I have played good football at all — still have a chance that you’ll be talking about when and had a reasonable you know being happy game one game out of you know we had a lot of play for you know we have a lot of things for you know we got a you — Tennessee’s opportunities Sunday night so. — we know we can you know put your best foot forward and go out and played awfully good football.

DeAngelo Hall interview is cut short because of unauthorized logo

[NFL Power Rankings: A changing of the guard at the top after Week 4 ] But as he talked to a gaggle of media, Hall wearing a Lacoste logo shirt was approached by the NFL inspector and asked to stop talking because of his shirt. #Redskins DeAngelo Hall was banned from talking with us by an NFL uniform inspector, who said he couldn’t speak while wearing a Polo shirt. michael phillips (@michaelpRTD) September 30, 2013 D’Hall was in a great mood giving us great answers and then a NFL official walked over and told him to change his shirt. He wasnt happy. Dianna Marie Russini (@DRussNBC) September 30, 2013 View gallery . (USA Today Sports Images) Now, in fairness, there are rules on this that apparently prohibit players from wearing certain non-approved logos. Rule 5, Section 4, Article 6 of the NFL Rule Book: Throughout the period on game-day that a player is visible to the stadium and television audience (including in pregame warm-ups, in the bench area, and during postgame interviews in the locker room or on the field), players are prohibited from wearing, displaying, or orally promoting equipment, apparel, or other items that carry commercial names or logos/identifications of companies, unless such commercial identification has been approved in advance by the League office.


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