Darrell Green’s Not Sure Rg3 Would Have Lasted In His Day

Robert Griffin III

in spite of the facts that Green was 16 years older than Moss and 8 or 9 inches shorter than him. one trick pony indeed. LOL is right, but at the poster who said it. HTTR! Sep 5, 2013 11:47 PM Andrew DUMB Luck haha redskinshopefull says: Sep 5, 2013 11:55 PM RGIIIS will be just fine in his season opener. No rust expected. He has recovered to 100% ( self-decided ) But Dr.

Redskins work out Darrell Green’s son, 17 other free agents Tuesday

Now, where it lands, thats another thing. You know and I know, in your industry, certain people, you know, they want to have different agendas and theyve got stuff to say, and you know, you want people to think this. If Green wasnt comfortable with the issue, he should have stayed away from it in the first place, knowing how hot a button he was pushing in Washington and beyond. jprcox says: Jul 24, 2013 6:46 PM I went to a Chiefs game (not in KC), and I was very surprised to see people protesting about that name.why would people have an issue with the name Chiefs? Considering people are protesting that, hard to imagine they dont get really upset about the Redskins name. Most of us could care lessand I am somewhat sick of bending to all these issues. The world is offensive, get over it. vltrophy14 says: Jul 24, 2013 8:31 PM People get offended a lot theses days. Cant please everyone.

Darrell Green wants no part of name change

London Fletcher, Darrell Green, Kurt Warner, Ray Rice, Kylie Kasprick

As far as I understand they do, Big Al replied. Daddys going with his baby, Green concluded. I dont care WHAT you say. You better know it. Well, I hope he has a fine career down there, said the shaken host, a longtime Skins fan. But I also hope that when he plays the Skins, he doesnt beat us, lets put it that way. Hopefully, he can catch two touchdowns and be great, Green disagreed. I cant take this, the host said. Youre Darrell Green! Youre Mr. Redskin, with Art Monk and Riggo and Jurgensen. And I still am, and youre still a Redskins fan for 52 years, and Im still Darrell Green, the Hall of Famer said.

‘In No Way’ Does Darrell Green Want Redskins to Change Name

Another one of the more experienced players to work out for Washington on Tuesday was wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi, who spent the last five seasons with the Cleveland Browns. The 6-2, 207-pound Massaquoi appeared in 54 games, starting 43 of them and recording 118 catches for 1,745 yards and seven touchdowns. Also attending the workout were defensive backs Al Afalava (Oregon State), Jalil Brown (Colorado), Mario Butler (Georgia Tech) and Ross Ventrone (Villanova), center Kevin Kowalski (Toledo), tackle Jason Smith (Baylor), linebackers Justin Cole (San Jose State), Josh Hull (Penn State), Brian Rolle (Ohio State) and D.J. Smith (Appalachian State), quarterbacks Nick Stephens (Tarleton State) and G.J. Kinne (Tulsa), tight end Anthony Hill (North Carolina State) wide receivers Arceto Clark (Mississippi State) and Matt Willis (UCLA). Have a Redskins question? E-mail Mike Jones at mike.jones@washpost.com with the subject line Mailbag question for him to answer it in The Mailbag on Tuesday. Whats ahead: The Redskins are off until Mon. Oct.

Darrell Green on his son and the Cowboys

“[If] Native Americans feel like Redskins or the Chiefs or [another] name is offensive to them, then who are we to say to them ‘No, it’s not’?” Monk said, via WTOP . More on Redskins Freeman: How about the Washington N-words? Said Green: “It deserves and warrants conversation because somebody is saying, ‘Hey, this offends me.’ Their opinion isn’t unique. The team’s nickname was called racist and derogatory on the floor of the US House of Representatives, and in May, 10 members of Congress sent commissioner Roger Goodell a letter pushing for a name change. Owner Daniel Snyder has flat-out rejected that the team will change its name under his ownership, though, and Goodell has defended the Washington franchise, saying the nickname was never “meant to denigrate Native Americans or offend any group.” Still, this controversy has been brewing since the 1970s — you can read some articles from those days of yore here — and it shows no signs of abating any time soon. Not that Snyder seems to care. We’ll never change the name,” he said in May .

Darrell Green, Art Monk say Redskins should consider name change

Wait a minute. We cant talk about it? I talk about it with my daughters, Green further clarified his stance. He does believe opposition to the Redskins name is missing a face representative of the issue, however. See, Rodney King has a face. Trayvon Martin has a face. Some of these issues have a face and a personality, Green noted. One thing I will say on the Redskins side of it, there is no face or personality. The teams owner, Dan Snyder, has gone on-record as saying , well never change the name. Its simple. NEVER, he tacked on. Redskins general manager Bruce Allen called it ludicrous to suggest the franchise is trying to upset Native Americans with the name.


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