Chris Cooley Re-signed By Redskins Following Fred Davis’ Injury

Inside Chris Cooley’s art gallery (Video)

Cooley’s return became official after he passed a physical Monday, a day after starting tight end Fred Davis was lost to a season-ending torn Achilles’ tendon. Davis was placed on injured reserve. “I knew the extent of (Davis’) injury within an hour and figured it was inevitable that they would call,” Cooley said. “And that (possibility) had been mentioned to me. It wasn’t out of this world for me to get a call. “It’s fortunate for both of us, I think.

He will have an extensive role in its daily Redskins coverage. Cooley wanted to continue playing for the Redskins. The coaching staff, however, has moved on from him. It would have taken a lucrative contract offer for Cooley to have continued his playing career elsewhere, he said. None materialized. Several national media outlets approached Cooley with offers, he said, but he did not want to move from his Leesburg home nor change his lifestyle. Working for ESPN980 enables him to contribute to the stations programming from its studio at Redskins Park in Ashburn.

Chris Cooley rejoins Redskins

Their most recent addition was filmed at Chris Cooleys art gallery in Leesburg. I had a high school football coach and he said, Do something special every day. Do something that makes people say wow. Do something that matters to the people around you, Cooley says in the short video. So I hope that I would influence enough people in this community to respect handmade, thought-out, personal artwork. Itll change your life to have something where you know the story behind, you know the artist that made it.

Chris Cooley says his knee is finally healing

You can really see the difference. Its a noticeable burst, he said. I mean, I can feel how Im running, but when you look back and see it, you can really see the difference. This is the first week of practice that Ive noticed that burst. What remains to be seen is whether a healthier Cooley causes any change in the Redskins plans at tight end. While Cooley certainly hopes it does I want to be on the field, he said matter-of-factly he is able to take some comfort in the progress hes made in just a few short weeks. While Cooley always had maintained he would be ready for Week 1 , not many in Redskins Park were as optimistic.

Chris Cooley envisions Redskins broadcast role ‘for the next 50 years’

“It negates all the good things,” the coach added. Those included edges in time of possession, first downs, total net yards, and yards rushing. Griffin himself outgained the Giants on the ground, 89 yards to 64. Already having played four of seven games without the player who was supposed to be his leading wideout, Pierre Garcon (right foot injury), Griffin now must go the rest of the season without Davis, who leads the Redskins with 24 catches and 325 yards receiving. “Losing Fred is huge. He’s a gamer,” Griffin said. “He will be missed.” Davis will have surgery Tuesday and is expected to need five to six months to recover, Shanahan said.


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