Rg Iii: Bryce Harper Could Help Me

Robert Griffin III: “I’m Not a Great Slider”

“Bryce, we can do that if you want to, buddy.” The Washington Nationals’ outfielder will have a little extra time on his hands after Major League Baseball’s regular season ends Sunday. But even he might not provide enough help in teaching Griffin how to do the one thing the coaches want him to do more of this season: slide. It was evident a year ago that Griffin struggled in this discipline. And he provided reminders against the Detroit Lions Sunday. After one zone read option run, Griffin tried to slide after gaining four yards.

Talking about raising a football star with RG3’s mom

That’s fine. And that’s just the way we choose to deal with it. Q: You were really fearful of Robert playing football when he was younger. What changed for you? Jackie Griffin: I didn’t like the concept of playing football and watching my son get hit just for fun. I really had a problem with that.

Robert Griffin III still doesn’t know how to slide


The Lions easily made the recovery. Even if he hadnt fumbled, it still would have been a terrible slide for RG3. He looked like the guy in the movies whos sprinting away from oncoming danger but cant keep his balance. (Or Eli Manning, who did the same thing in a loss three years ago.) Whats wrong with the casual slide on the rear? Elway did it! Young did it! Vick did it sometimes.

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III sends racy texts to Hooters waitress on his wedding day: report

Griffin, who is a team captain, said on Sunday that he might have to ditch his preferred method of positive reinforcement and lead with a harder edge, but by Wednesday he had decided his speed could speak as loud as his words. We just need energy out there on the field, period, Griffin said. Especially on the road, the crowds not going to give you any energy, so I take it upon myself to be that guy. Ive never been a hype man, but Lil Johns a Redskins fan, and you can learn a little bit from him, so Ill be the hype man if they need me to be the hype man. Ill get everybody motivated.

Robert Griffin III | Washington Redskins | Stats, Pictures, News | NFL Football | Sports on MSN

Did newlywed Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III send an incriminating text on the day of his wedding? Hooters waitress and a Virginia Commonwealth University student Meredith Barber has offered up photo proof to bustedcoverage.com that Griffin allegedly sent her a series of racy messages, including some on the day he said “I do.” “Come on bae,” the QB reportedly wrote to Barber before sending a shirtless image of himself with his head cut off, along with a smiley icon. PHOTOS: CELEBRITY CHEATING SCANDALS http://www.bustedcoverage.com Merdith Barber a student at VCU who posted screengrabs of texts she says came from Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III on his wedding day. When Barber didn’t respond to his advances, he allegedly wrote, “Well ok I give up I guess. See you in a few weeks kid.” The texts were dated in the screen shot for July 6 in the early hours of RG III’s wedding day to longtime girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat. A Twitter trail was detected by someone named Brandon K., who emailed Busted Coverage with the tip-off. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images NFL player Robert Griffin III and now wife Rebecca Liddicoat in February in New Orleans, Louisiana. Griffin’s groomsman William Mallow’s Twitter timeline allegedly showed activity with Barber on it, leading the source to dig back to Barber’s feed, where a tweet from the blond said,”I could show Becky this though.” Posted along with the statement was the screen shot from her cellphone of the alleged wedding day messages. Mallow reportedly wrote into the site, denying the reports. “We both know that Meredith is looking for attention/money.

Robert Griffin III says Bryce Harper could help him with sliding technique

Diddy’s vodka brand, which is to say wrapped in that Fuming Squirrel face Diddy makes when he’s trying to look serious. The bus smelled like infected hangover. No one wanted to touch what was either a pole for passengers to hang onto while the bus was in motion or a pole with… other uses. Despite all this, though, the mood was positive, insofar as every passenger I asked seemed confident that Washington would win its Wild Card game against Seattle, and that there was no telling what the team might do with Robert Griffin III under center.

Robert Griffin III ready to run to spark 0-2 Redskins: ‘I just feel like that’s what we need’

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) is sacked by Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, in Green Bay, Wis.

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advertisement More Photos and Videos Known for its sliders, White Castle likely wont ever honor the Washington Redskins first-string quarterback by naming a sandwich after him. Im not a great slider, Robert Griffin III admitted Wednesday, confessing to the obvious after he fumbled while trying to down himself head first in Sundays loss to the Detroit Lions . Griffin reiterated that coverage of the team shouldnt be about just one player, saying he wants his teammates to know he doesnt think the team is just about him while acknowledging that the quarterback will always receive a lot of the attention. But he keeps giving us excuses to write about him. RGIII said he has practiced sliding, in training camp. You basically run up to a defender and you slide, he explained. But its harder in shorts during practice than in the slicker football pants worj during a game, he said.

Robert Griffin III gets up


“I mean, if Bryce wants to do that I’m definitely up for that,” Griffintold reporters.”Bryce, we can do that if you want to, buddy.” The Nationals’ season ends Sunday. The point resonates that Griffin’s sliding could use some work. “The problem is I’m not a great slider, should I say,” Griffin said. “I know how to slide, but I don’t know how to baseball slide, and I think that’s what they’re talking about. But there is just more of an emphasis on sliding feet-first as opposed to going forward since that rule is in place. It protects you as a quarterback going backwards, going feet-first, so that’s what you’ve got to do, so just make a mental note of that and try to slide feet-first. “You basically run up to a defender and you slide. It’s easier to slide with football pants on. The slickness of the pants, I know I’m going a little too deep here, but the slickness of the pants helps you slide. When you have shorts on and stuff like that, it’s a little less conducive to sliding on the practice field, but I have.” Follow me on Twitter: @RavensInsider Aaron Wilson covers the Ravens for The Baltimore Sun.


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