Ryan Kerrigan, Chip Kelly Meet Again

Ryan Kerrigan gets back to work

Were all in good shape, but where they have success with their offense is theyve got good personnel and they dont allow guys to get lined up so guys on film youll see, are kind of second guessing themselves sometimes. Kerrigan admitted last week that playing against unusual offensive formations can play tricks on a defenders mind, but if the Redskins struggle against the Eagles offense on Monday it wont be due to a lack of preparation. Were playing fast and were not just allowing them to completely dictate the tempo, Kerrigan said of how practice for Eagles week has gone so far. But were still attacking and were still aggressive. While Kerrigan has been a terror to every NFL team during the first 32 games of his career, hes especially been a thorn in Phillys side. In four career games against the division foe hes recorded 15 tackles, three sacks and countless sleepless nights for Eagles brass. His most notably play against them came on a 3rd and 15 deep inside Redskins territory. Had Kerrigan not made the strip who knows how the rest of the game would have turned out and the season for that matter. While its difficult to pinpoint one exact play in a game that saw over 125 as the play that won the Redskins the game, theres no denying the fact that it stopped an Eagles drive that appeared destined for the end zone.

Ryan Kerrigan Has The Key To Victory For Redskins Vs. Giants

rg31 Ryan Kerrigan Has The Key To Victory For Redskins Vs. Giants

Their size and athleticism creates nightmare matchups for defense, but Kerrigan (6-4, 260) is determined to improve on last years game against Gronkowski , in which the Patriots star had a season-high 160-receiving yards and two touchdowns on six receptions. You want to be physical at the line because he is a taller guy, Kerrigan said of Graham . You dont want to let him off the line because once he does, he gets out in the open, and when the ball is up in the air, nine times out of 10 hes going to come down with it. The Saints of course, try to counter any physicality against Graham by where they position him on the field. Hes usually inside but they split him out a lot because, a receiving threat like that with his height, you want him down the middle of the field exposing matchups, Kerrigan said. Hes probably faster Robert Griffin III Jersey than a lot of linebackers, bigger than a lot of DBs, definitely a guy that they try to exploit. Overall, Kerrigan is more confident about his coverage ability this season because of his familiarity with his responsibilities. Last year was his first season transitioning from defensive end, so coverage concepts took some getting used to. You just look on film from last year to this year, and last year Im just shaking my head, like, What was I doing, Kerrigan said. I know this year what Im supposed to do and how Im supposed to be doing it.

Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan gets closer to his fans

He had an interception for a touchdown in his debut. What made him so good so quickly? Have you seen him? backup outside linebacker Darryl Tapp said, casting a glance in Kerrigan s direction. The man is like 6-4, 260. He can run with the running backs, he can tail off and cover wide receivers. He can rush the passer. Theres not too many things he cant do. He keeps working. He never comes to work thinking he knows it all. Hes a special player. Many things go into building staying power.

REDSKINS 2013: Ryan Kerrigan a mainstay after two NFL seasons

“Got a few new Twitter followers out of it,” Kerrigan said in a phone interview Friday. “And my friends have definitely told me every time they’ve seen it on the Top 10 plays, so that’s exciting.” [+] Enlarge AP Photo/Cliff Owen Ryan Kerrigan said that he feels he can be a focal point in the Redskins’ 3-4 defensive scheme. Kerrigan said he’d dreamed, of course, about scoring an NFL touchdown. But since he never found the end zone as a collegiate defensive end at Purdue, it seemed inconceivable that he’d do it in his first game. For a guy making the sometimes difficult transition from end to linebacker with only a month’s worth of NFL practices before the regular season began, it was a thrilling moment. It didn’t mean he’d solved anything, though. The Redskins’ 3-4 defense is suited to take immediate advantage of Kerrigan’s raw skills as a pass-rusher, and playing outside linebacker opposite Brian Orakpo puts Kerrigan in position to pile up sacks and big plays. But there’s more to the position than that, as Kerrigan saw when he hit the film room. “Certainly I’d like to play tighter coverage in the passing game,” Kerrigan said.

Ryan Kerrigan could save Redskins’ defense

But the young superstar has failed to dominate a game from start-to-finish this season. Kerrigan will need to have a DeMarcus Ware like day, and finally look like a player who will be one of the leagues top pass rushers, if Washington is to seize first place this weekend. Kerrigan will be going to battle against ex-Redskin Sean Locklear. Locklear was a disaster with Washington last season, but has started at right tackle for New York this year and has not given up a sack. It will be up to Ryan Kerrigan to bring back the old Sean Locklear and to help display Locklears many weaknesses that he put on film while here in Washington. That may seem like a tall order given that Locklear has not yielded a sack, but Locklear has allowed Eli to be hurried 11 times. And that might be answer for Washington, Theyve been doing a great job. Three games without a sack and I think the fourth game they had one sack. Eli [Manning] is doing a great job getting rid of the ball. If you cant get to him, you have to put some pressure on him because hes so accurate and hes going to come up with big plays.

Ryan Kerrigan gauging clash with Jimmy Graham

Lorenzo was a big help. Just being able to ask him about different situations was important for me. Rak is always helping me out. Then when you have good coaching along the way, too, it makes everything a lot easier. But Ive also worked really hard. Kerrigan brings a hard-hat-and-lunch-pail mentality to whatever he does. He applies himself as much in film study as he does in the weight room. It shows in Kerrigans ability to identify plays as they develop. On his interception against Pittsburgh, Kerrigan noticed Roethlisberger locked in on running back Jonathan Dwyer, who ran a swing route out of the backfield. After he recognized the pattern, Kerrigan broke off his rush on Roethlisberger and moved into position in coverage. Right place, right time touchdown.

Ryan Kerrigan’s increasing impact for the Redskins is no fluke

Jenkins bull rushed the right tackle into the backfield, and Kerrigan got past the guard with a blend of quickness and strength and found himself in the perfect position to wrap Locker up for the sack. The play served as a sign of things to come for the Redskins, who in practice have worked on that formation, and other similar looks with Kerrigan as a down lineman while Orakpo and Jenkins rush from the edges. I really like it, Kerrigan said. Its definitely a change of pace, both for myself, and for the guards and centers that Im going against, because theyre used to bigger and stronger guys. Im kind of lighter, and quicker than a lot of the guys they face, so its a nice change of a pace and a chance for me to put my hand in the dirt again. Blitzing out of a three-point stance is nothing new for Kerrigan, who played as a defensive end in a 4-3 front while at Purdue. Drafted by Washington 16thoverall and converted to a linebacker asked to blitz out of a two-point stance, Kerrigan made a relatively smooth transition and last season reached his first Pro Bowl after recording 8.5 sacks.

Answer: Yes. Ryan Kerrigan, future husband, please. That called for a follow-up question. That Kerrigan guy, youre kind of smitten with him? Kerrigan asked. What would you say to him if you happen to run into him today? Danielle, who didnt give her last name, said she would, Tell him I love him. To which Kerrigan replied, I love you, too. A second later, Danielle recognized the 6-foot-4, 260-pound man with the microphone. And, as they say in show biz, she lost it. Nuptials, however, are not pending. Kerrigan, who will be 25 on Aug.

PFT on NBCSN: Ryan Kerrigan, previewing playoff turnover

Washington Redskins v New Orleans Saints

That strong finish helped lead the Redskins to the NFC East title, one of many things well be talking about when Kerrigan visits Pro Football Talk on NBCSN on Tuesday afternoon. Well find out how it feels to have linebacker Brian Orakpo back in the lineup after a torn pectoral muscle wiped out his 2012 campaign and whether Kerrigan thinks the team can be even better this year. Well also continuing our look at some of the storylines for the coming season when we tackle turnover in the playoff ranks. Which 2012 playoff contestants are destined for the dustbin this time and which teams will replace them? Well share our thoughts during the show. It all gets started at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

Ryan Kerrigan takes on new role in certain pass-rushing packages

But what jumps out when you watch him is that he makes good decisions. Sometimes, instead of overpursuing, he’ll hold back and bat down a pass, or wrestle a running back to the ground. The Redskins’ defensive scheme sometimes asks Kerrigan to play in coverage, which is an area of his game that doesn’t come naturally but has improved since his arrival. Basically, as simple as it sounds, the Redskins want Kerrigan to create chaos in his portion of the field. Even with all of the injuries, there remain quite a few very good players on the Redskins’ front seven.


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