Redskins’ Chase Minnifield wasn’t forced by famous dad to play football, but he had to

There, Minnifield played quarterback, running back, wide receiver and even place kicker (oh yeah, he can kick the ball, says Frank) in addition to defensive back, and emerged as one of the top players in the state his junior year. Chase Manhattan, as his U-Va. teammates called him, is generously listed at 6 feet, 186 pounds, and Frank said his son didnt exhibit anything real special in terms of size or speed in his high school career. But years spent around the highest levels of the game under his fathers tutelage gave Chase an uncommon football acumen. I assumed that the reason why he was so much more productive than everybody else was because he knew so much more about it than everybody else, Frank said. He was pretty well-calibrated early on about what you were trying to do on the football field. Im a student. I love to learn and just soak in information from everybody, Chase said.

5 Reasons Why Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III Should Ignore Donovan McNabb


The larger-than-expected crowds created some logistical issues, especially when about 100 people were treated for heat-related problems on Fan Appreciation Day. “We’ll prepare for that better” next year, Allen said. Allen and team owner Dan Snyder regularly walked to practice from the team hotel, covering several miles each day and greeting fans along the way. He said the two came across quite a few parties at various restaurants as during their trundle on Thursday night. “We didn’t do any karaoke,” Allen said, “that I remember.” Notes: Orakpo sat out practice with a bruised quad muscle after getting kneed in the right thigh on Thursday. “Once it calms down, we’ll see where we’re at,” Orakpo said. Shanahan said he doesn’t think the injury is serious and that Orakpo could play Monday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers .

Redskins All The Same–Except In Age

Hes acting immature and is just being plain annoying. The ball is now in Robert Griffin IIIs court. How should he go about handling the situation? He should just ignore him. The following are five reasons why Robert Griffin III should ignore the pesky and obnoxious Donovan McNabb. Brian Skinnell is a writer for Follow him on Twitter and add him to your network on Google . He’s Just Jealous Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports When the Redskins traded with the Philadelphia Eagles for McNabb, many believed that Mike Shanahan had finally found his quarterback for the future. Unfortunately, McNabb turned out be a total bust and then blamed the Redskins’ lack of success on Mike Shanahan’s inability to make an offense made specifically to his playing style. Then comes Robert Griffin III.

Redskins morning wake-up call

metro area for people to commute to games. Were only an hour away from [Richmond], so its obviously much more convenient,” Brian Freeman, a Williamsburg-based fan, told the Washington Post . “We wouldn’t go if it was up there.” The economic part that may be getting overlooked however is the addition, and retaining, of the younger and future fan-base. I grew up in the Washington D.C. area, but with a father who is from New York and is a Giants fan. Because of the fact that I had more exposure to the Giants, than the local Redskins, I naturally became an adult Giants fan. (Thank God for my dad, because if it was up to my mom, I would be a Cowboys fan for all the wrong reasons.) The point I’m making is that kids typically take up the same teams as their parents, and the more exposure they have to that team, the more loyal they become. It also goes to show why I have friends, from the same area as me, who are Titans and Patriots fans. They weren’t exposed to any teams by their parents, and choose to root for whichever team, or player was hot at the time.

Redskins GM: No controversy between RG3, Shanahan

When Amerson was born, the cost of a gallon of gas in the US was $1.09. When Rocca was born, it was a miniscule $.36. When Rocca was born, the No. 1 song in the USA was Keep On Truckin by Eddie Kendricks, while when Amerson was born, it was Michael Jacksons Black or White. In 1973, Sonny Jurgensen was the Redskins starting quarterback. In 1991, it was Super Bowl champion Mark Rypien. Finally, a year after Amerson made his debut on this planet, Rocca made his debut tooin the professional Australian Rules Football. While Rocca and Amerson differ in many things, they are similar in their passion for both football and the Washington Redskins.

Redskins GM: No QB controversy

“My view on it is, yes, I am a Christian, but to each his own. You do what you want to do. If some Christians want to look at being gay as a sin, then thinking about other women, committing adultery or any of those sins that are in the Bible those are sins too. And God looks at all of us the same way.” Griffin’s call comes just months after rumors swirled about the possibility of 4 gay NFL players coming out . However, those rumors have yet to materialize into anything more substantial. Posted Aug 16, 2013 at 6:38 PM EST by Sean Mandell in News , NFL , Sports | Permalink This post’s comment feed

Redskins Quarterback: ‘Now Is The Time For A Gay NFL Player To Come Out’

He did take five more snaps Thursday than Ryan Kerrigan Nike Jersey he did on Wednesday, though the variety of plays was about the same. The coaches said that he looked sharper. One thing Griffin hasnt done is run when the play breaks down, something he clearly will do at times during the season. For now its better for him to sit in the pocket and focus on his targets, make his reads and develop a rhythm and touch in the passing game. He needs to make a lot of throws, not only to build up his arm strength but to work out any rust in his game. General manager Bruce Allens press conference. Allen will address the media for the first time all camp, but the bulk of his talk likely will surround how camp went in Richmond. Yes, hell be asked some football questions, but Allen typically deflects those.

Redskins lock up future generation of fans in Richmond

On Friday, he had 12 snaps and completed 6 of 8 passes. Shanahan has vetoed Griffin’s desire to play in a preseason game, preferring instead to focus on the Week 1 regular season opener Sept. 9. “He’s doing well right now. He is ahead of schedule. … We’ve had no setbacks so far,” said Allen, knocking his fist superstitiously three times on the wooden podium. “And the goal is for him to play in Week 1.

Redskins’ Brian Orakpo not concerned about thigh injury

Thats a stretch, but it should be awfully good. The other side needed more help and it looks like the defense is getting that. Theres a lot to like about the defense. Brian Orakpo returns from a pectoral injury and, along with Ryan Kerrigan , gives the Skins a formidable pair of outside linebackers. Fletcher s veteran presence inside is invaluable. But for the defense to make another step forward, Amerson and Rambo (is that a great name or what?) are going to have to play big parts.

HARRIS: Bacarri Rambo, David Amerson give Redskins’ defense reason to be excited

Last year, he could hardly cut, he said. You could see that. He wanted to compete, but he really had a hard time getting in and out of breaks. You could see that. We kept on waiting for him to improve and it didnt. It didnt improve, but he played through it and he played hurt and he played tough. Morgan had seven screws in his ankle removed and Shanahan said the receiver is going in the right direction. Hes made tremendous strides from last year, he said. I think between rehab and getting himself back in football shape, you can see the progress. Hes not hurting like he was a year ago. Morgan had 39 yards receiving in the Redskins preseason opener against Tennessee and is looking forward to the games ahead. You always are biting at the bit to get to the next game, he said.

Former Hokie making strides in Redskins training camp

Just stuff, you get nicked up in camp, so just precaution. Youve got to be smart, Orakpo said. Im not sure what the staff wants, but well figure it out. Its a day-to-day process with this. I had a knee to the quad, so once it calms down, well see where were at. Orakpo suffered the injury while trying to defend a running play in Thursdays practice. Guard Adam Gettis inadvertently kneed the linebacker in the right quad. Orakpo watched Fridays practice, and spent much of it riding the stationary bike at the edge of the field. He jogged off the field following the final huddle break and to the locker room. Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that Orakpo hasnt yet been ruled out for Mondays preseason game against Pittsburgh.


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