Redskins Team With HDL on Advanced Heart Disease, Diabetes Tests

Camp Confidential: Washington Redskins

HDL will be a presenting sponsor of Diabetes Awareness Day during a Nov. 3 game at FedEx Field between the Redskins and San Diego Chargers. The Redskins and HDL didnt disclose financial terms of the agreement. Were able to let our players and coaches know what risks they might be facing in the future, Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen said yesterday in a telephone interview. If we can educate and motivate people for a healthier lifestyle today, were going to ensure a better tomorrow for them. HDL this summer performed a comprehensive blood panel on the teams players and staff that looked at biomarkers beyond cholesterol, such as lipid particle size, inflammation, stress, diabetes risk and genetics.

Redskins rookie Rambo is quite the hunter, finds NFL running backs to be a different prey

The Redskins averaged 6.2 yards per play, the best for a Mike Shanahan-coached team, a season ago. Its not just Griffin; its also running back Alfred Morris . Both had standout rookie seasons while still learning the NFL and their own offense. The (so far) healthy return of receiver Pierre Garcon and tight end Fred Davis is also important. If Griffin is healthy, the Redskins have a dynamic quarterback. Griffin was raw as a passer in 2012 in terms of reading coverages and going through progressions. Yet he only tossed five interceptions because hes a smart player and rarely threw into danger. As he improves as a passer, hell rely less on his legs, and the offense will evolve. Even if Griffin must sit out, second-year quarterback Cousins has shown good signs of being able to take over for stretches.

Washington Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins

Actually, everyone called him Goo Fudge and then Goo Rambo from infancy all the way through high school, short for the cartoon character Mr. Magoo. He spent his college years trying to leave the nickname behind, and for good reason: Introducing oneself as “Goo” doesn’t pack much of a punch in the locker room and Bacarri Rambo is a really cool name for a football player. “With a name like that,” Daniels said, “you’d definitely better be tough.” Rambo also needs to define himself as someone who’s not constantly in trouble, having been suspended twice for a total of five games while in college at Georgia. His high school coach, Alan Ingram, said the suspensions resulted from inadvertent brushes with marijuana, the first time when police found it in the purse belonging to a woman riding in Rambo’s vehicle, and the second time when Rambo failed a drug test after inadvertently eating marijuana-laced brownies during a spring break trip. Rambo said that Ingram’s accounts were accurate “in some areas.” Rambo declined to fill in the gaps. “He was just trying to protect me,” Rambo said. “That’s behind me.

Washington Redskins Name Boycott Picking Up Steam At Speed Of Snail [Video]

A new Washington Redskins boycott was announced by online magazine Slate last week. And now Rachel Maddow has piled on. In a recent segment, she referred to the team as the R-word instead of calling them by name. Check out the video report up top. Slates announcement has encouraged not just Maddow but other publishers to announce they will refuse to say Redskins ever again. But theres a but.

Why the Redskins Get Under Their Skin

Reply to this log in or register to reply jvj| 8.13.13 @ 12:51PM I was born in this country and lived here all my life. That makes me a Native American, right? I am not offended by the name Redskins and just don’t get all the controversy. Reply to this log in or register to reply Arbiter55| 8.13.13 @ 12:26PM The Redskins should keep the name, if only to make sure that every liberal whining about it continues to grind his/her/its teeth to nubs over it. Kudos to Dan Snyder for not knuckling under to the nitwits. Indeed, Dan said “We’ll never change the name,” Snyder told USA Today. “It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.” Reply to this log in or register to reply Butch| 8.13.13 @ 3:07PM Before the Braves, Atlanta had a minor league team called the Crackers.

Updating Redskins’ Key Position Battles Halfway Through Training Camp


I played both (tackle positions) in college, so Ive had experience, being able to switch back and forth, Compton said after Tuesday’s practice. I think my experience playing both, it’s not as hard for me to switch. I think it just comes down to be able to be in that stance. And being able to use the footwork the way you want to. Compton’s first role is backing up Williams on the left side. In emergency situations, Shanahan then has Compton in his back pocket, knowing he can put him anywhere for spot duty. Meanwhile, veteran Tyler Polumbus appears to be holding down the starting right tackle spot, with fellow veteran Tony Pashos backing him up. Safety There will be a ton of people who grill rookie safety Bacarri Rambo for the way he was juked out of his cleats in a one-on-one situation with Chris Johnson last week. But I’d be willing to bet that not even the best safety in the league would have an easy play in that situation. Truth is, Rambo still presents the best skill set to start at safety for the Redskins come Week 1. Did he make a few mistakes in his first ever NFL game? Sure. But it’s not the end of the world.


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