Robert Griffin III Week One Return Could Equal Record Ratings for MNF

So, There’s A (Probably Untrue) Rumor That RGIII Was Texting This Hooters Waitress On The Morning Of His Wedding…

Tim Tebow Skip Bayless

The MNF opener is a big deal any year, and this year it will be multiplied with the return of one the games brightest stars. There are two different MNF ratings records: the highest-rated game was in 1985 when the Miami Dolphins defeated the then undefeated Chicago Bears on December 2, 1985, which drew a 29.6 rating. That was when MNF was on ABC, and there were a lot less channels. Now that the game has moved to ESPN, the numbers just arent as high. In the cable era, the record belongs to the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers on October 5, 2009. This was Brett Favres first game against his former team, and it drew a whopping 15.3 rating. The 29.6 mark from 1985 is basically untouchable, but I think RG3s return could give the cable era record a good run.

Robert Griffin III

By 1975, he had started to love the Skins and hate the cowboys, he wrote, and those passions continued even after he returned to Paraguay, which is perhaps not commonly considered a bastion of Redskins fandom. His wife presented him with a trip to Saint-Tropez to celebrate that above-mentioned 50th birthday, and wouldnt you know it, he ran into the insanely popular quarterback from his favorite NFL team in the south of France. A die hard Skins fan since 1975, so you can imagine what this photo means to me, he summed it up. Indeed, both he and his family members were grateful to Griffin for taking time out during his honeymoon to meet with fans. So sorry to bother you on your honeymoon.

Robert Griffin III Has Already Surpassed Michael Vick ‘As a Quarterback’

RG3s buddy William Mallow, who was in his wedding, sends word that Ms. Barber is full of shit and is just looking to get paid. Look Im going to cut through the BS and just get down to it. We both know that Meredith is looking for attention/money. I know this is what you do for a living and you thought that this would be a golden opportunity but the fact of the matter is that this is completely false. I was with Robert the night in question, and there was zero texting of other girls, much less selfie stomach shots. That isnt even close to what the bathroom of the suite we were in looked like. Its completely unfair to crucify a guy who is a role model to hundreds of thousands of people because all hes done from day 1 is the right thing.

Robert Griffin III encounters Redskins fan on honeymoon in Saint-Tropez

Meanwhile, Griffin made it official with his leading lady Rebecca Liddicoat, holding a ceremony and reception with a number of friends and family at the Denver Four Seasons. “I don’t want to be melodramatic, but it was really, really beautiful,” boxing promoter Rock Newman told The Washington Post . “Just the assured, confident love that they expressed for each other was so admirable, just so real, so authentic. It was all good.” A collective aw would be appropriate at this time. PHOTOS: Celebrity Weddings As if that wasn’t enough love to fill your Monday with warm and fuzzy feelings, NBA player Kevin Durant popped the question to a lucky lady!

Robert Griffin III releases rap video with new wife [Video]

| Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, rapper? Griffin and his new bride posted their first rap video the day after their nuptials. The video has the Griffins and one other woman rapping about candy. Griffin posted the video Sunday — the day after the wedding — to his Facebook page . The rap, called “Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops,” is the “first official video release of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin III.” YouTube shows the video was posted in March. The rap reportedly references the Jodi Arias murder trial.

NFL Players Matt Barkley & Robert Griffin III Marry Their Longtime Girlfriends

Matt Barkley, Brittany Langdon, Robert Griffin III, Rebecca Liddicoat

Sports looked back on RGIIIs Rookie of the Year campaign in his latest column , in an effort to bring some clarity to these questions about how the offense will evolve moving forward, and dispel some of the myths that seem to limit Griffins potential as a quarterback. From Shutdown Corner : The effect that Robert Griffin had on the Washington Redskins in his rookie season can be summed up with one question: How many rookies in NFL history have had an entire offense tailored to their specific attributes? Because, make no mistake, what Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan put on the field in 2012 didnt resemble anything wed ever seen from the storied Washington franchise, and it didnt really look much like anything else wed seen in pro football well, ever. This is the part when one mentions that NFL defenses have had a full offseason to prepare for the zone-read and pistol formations, which other first-year starters Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson thrived under, along with the aforementioned RGIII in 2012. But Farrar suggests theres no reason to fear defensive adjustments will force Griffin to take a step back in 2013, because hes already proven capable of reverting to a more traditional offensive approach. He was the most efficient quarterback in the NFL last year under center, Farrar told Lavar and Dukes on 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday. Related: RGIII Will Without a Doubt Be Ready It started from his first touchdown, Farrar continued.

Robert Griffin III, Matt Barkley get married on the same weekend

Robert Griffin III sported a white tux at his wedding this weekend. (Via William Mallow, @Williermo77)

Kirk Cousins, Rex Grossman, Santana Moss, Pierre Garcon, Joshua Morgan, Alfred Morris, Eric Kettani, Chris Chester, Tyler Polumbus, Kory Lichtensteiger, DeAngelo Hall, London Fletcher, Stephen Bowen and Richard Crawford were some of the ones mentioned by Steinberg. Griffin’s former coach at Baylor, Art Briles also made it. NFL Rookie of the Year – Heisman Trophy Winner – most importantly Baylor QB. RG3’s wedding! Coach Art Briles (@CoachArtBriles) July 7, 2013 Now what about the fashion, no one asked? Well, RG3 wore a white tux with a white tie and a white flower and white shoes. It’s pretty boss, as the kids would say. His groomsmen, as you can see below, had black tuxes with pink ties and vests. I have no idea if this is cool or not, but if it’s me picking out the attire, I’d go with black tux plus white dinner jacket and I’d ditch the pink on the other tuxes but, hey, what do I know? (Mrs.


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