The Redskins and the power of expectations

Robert Griffin III

And wasnt part of the fun of it that it was so convincing and so unexpected? Couldnt we say the same about Griffins rookie season? Most everyone knew hed be good, but we werent so sure it would be from jump. But it was. In Mondays mailbag, Mike Jones wrote that Griffin sees some areas where he can improve. Some in the comments feigned shock. Twenty touchdowns to five interceptions and a 102.4 rating is great, especially for a rookie, but it can be improved on. Aaron Rodgers had a 39-8 TD:INT ratio, and a 108 rating.

Report questions ‘Redskins’ defender’s credentials

They say I dont understand. They say the word no longer means what it has always meant. They say its just a friendly fraternal greeting. I say one cannot arbitrarily decide that a word especially an old and bloodstained word suddenly means something other than what it always has. I say that, while language does change over time, it doesnt do so because a few of us want it to or tell it to. And I say that if I call you an idiot, but say that idiot now means genius, you will be no less insulted. Does that seem logical? If so, then perhaps you can understand my impatience with people who insist on defending the Washington football team whose nickname is a racial slur. The latest is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Kirk Cousins preparing as though he’ll start, but how would the Redskins fare if he has to?

The reason the Redskins should change their name is the same reason they should have changed it decades ago — the same reason they never should have picked the name in the first place. The word “Redskin” has a well-established history as a racist epithet, and such words have no business being sung and chanted in support of a professional sports team. Simple as that, and it has nothing to do with tradition or fan pride or whether anyone’s still offended by the name today. If the word has ever been used to ridicule or belittle human beings on the grounds of race, what’s the good reason to keep it alive in a glorifying context? Changing it would harm literally no one. It would be an act with no motive but basic human courtesy. The Redskins need look no further than Washington’s NBA franchise when contemplating a name change. If a professional sports team wanted to change its name to “Redskins” in this day and age, it couldn’t. The outcry would be tremendous. There would be protests.

‘Redskins’ is an offensive word, period – PITTS

Among them: A woman who identified herself as Dodson’s sister told the site Dodson is not a chief and that the term is only a nickname for him. “Chief” is listed as an aka for Dodson in Maryland court records for various legal problems. A Smithsonian anthropologist says Aleut people and Inuit people are distinct from each other and the description of Dodson’s heritage doesn’t make sense. Both the executive director of an Inuit group and an advocate for Aleut issues in Alaska tell Deadspin “chief” isn’t a title typically used now by either people. Dodson told McKenna his “chief” title is hard to explain but is legitimate and something he was born into after a shaman chose his father as a chief. In an interview Friday with WTOP, McKenna said of Dodson: “He’s the only guy that would call himself ‘Chief.'” McKenna said it’s bizarre that nobody checked Dodson out. “It shows how marginalized the Native American population is,” McKenna said. Redskins owner Daniel Snyder famously sued the Washington City Paper over a piece written by McKenna in 2010.

‘Redskins’ and irrelevance of public opinion

The only time he played significant time was against the Cleveland Browns in Week 15, so we’ll take a closer look at that. Cousins made the start in that game and ultimately led the Redskins to a 38-21 victory. While the Browns are not one of the top teams in the NFL by any means, they have a tough defense that will likely soon be among the NFL’s elite. A tough defensive line and a strong secondary both spelled a deceptively tough game for Cousins. But he kept his cool, hitting Leonard Hankerson for a 54-yard touchdown in the first quarter in response to a Browns touchdown to tie the game at 7-7. Cousins would go on to throw another touchdown in the third quarter, also to Leonard Hankerson. He did have one interception, where he was picked off by T.J.


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