‘Redskins’ and irrelevance of public opinion

Redskins hope to get injured players back

In 1996, Washington Bullets owner Abe Pollin changed his NBA team’s name to the Wizards because he didn’t want to be associated with gun violence. This past year, the New Orleans Hornets changed their name to the Pelicans to honor Louisiana’s state bird. It happens, for a wide range of reasons. Life goes on. You can still cheer for the players. Your life is not affected in any meaningful way. Redskins owner Dan Snyder says he won’t do it, which is completely his prerogative as long as he owns the team.

Report questions ‘Redskins’ defender’s credentials


Those comments angered Frank Boushie, a Native American who moved to Washington state three decades ago, Q13Fox.com reports. It was so racist in there, it was unbelievable, he said. They just dont get it. Dan Lockhart, a 1973 graduate, said he never thought there was a problem with the team name, despite some who felt it was racially insensitive toward Native Americans. It was never an issue, he said. It didnt become an issue until about 20 years ago. But Native American Terri McQuillen, also a graduate, said she never took offense.

Washington school board votes to drop high school’s ‘Redskins’ name after 90 years

Huffs departure leaves only Jurgensen still on the air. How or if the Redskins Radio Network will replace Huff is not certain. ESPN980, the teams flagship station and for whom I help cover the Redskins, faces some decisions about how to staff the booth on game day. As of now, Larry Michael handles play-by-play alongside Jurgensen, with former Redskin Doc Walker on the broadcast as a sideline analyst. The network could stick with a two-man booth, add Walker to the booth or look outside for another analyst to replace Huff. The most intriguing possibility, in my opinion, is adding tight end Chris Cooley to continue the three-man booth. Cooleys contract with the Redskins expired after last season, and it does not appear as though his playing career will continue. The tight end is a fan favorite and an entertaining personality.

Jenkins says Redskins drafted the right guy

Roy Helu, Washington’s top rusher in 2011, returned in June after being sidelined for the final 13 games of 2012 with a toe injury. Davis (Achilles) and receiver Pierre Garcon (shoulder), who figure to be Griffin’s top targets when healthy, are expected to be ready for the start of training camp on July 25. So should Meriweather (knee) and cornerback Josh Wilson (pec). If Carriker (quadriceps) is the only critical player unavailable when the Redskins convene for training camp, it will definitely have been a successful offseason. Strengths: Griffin set NFL passing and rushing records while being voted the Offensive Rookie of the Year. Griffin also seems set to beat the odds and be ready for the start of training camp less than seven Ryan Kerrigan Jersey months after undergoing surgery on his right ACL and LCL. Backup Kirk Cousins, a fellow 2012 rookie, played well in most of his stints when Griffin was ailing.

Redskins weekend rewind: Sam Huff, RG3 & Charlotte TV

They picked the right guy, he said. Jenkins, a defensive end from Florida State, will be converted to a stand-up outside linebacker in the Redskins 3-4 scheme. Robert Griffin III Womens Jersey His primary role, at least in the beginning of his career, will be to rush the passer. If Jenkins proved anything as a Seminole, its that he can rush the passer. He had 13.5 sacks as a sophomore and eight as a junior.

In another move to highlight those who find no problem with the name, Deadspin’s Dave McKenna reports that Stephen Dodson was introduced as “Chief Dodson” on a May broadcast of the team’s show “Redskins Nation.” Dodson, the team said, approached the Redskins and wanted to share his thoughts on the use of the name because “people were speaking for Native Americans who weren’t Native American.” Dodson — whom the Redskins identified as “a full-blooded American Inuit chief originally from the Aleutian Tribes of Alaska” — said he and other Native Americans were “honored” by the name and have used it as a term of endearment. “When we were on the reservation, we would call each other, ‘Hey, what’s up redskin?’ We would nickname it just ‘skins,'” he is quoted as saying in a Redskins press release. Deadspin, however, cites several things that call Dodson’s credentials into question. Among them: A woman who identified herself as Dodson’s sister told the site Dodson is not a chief and that the term is only a nickname for him. “Chief” is listed as an aka for Dodson in Maryland court records for various legal problems. A Smithsonian anthropologist says Aleut people and Inuit people are distinct from each other and the description of Dodson’s heritage doesn’t make sense. Both the executive director of an Inuit group and an advocate for Aleut issues in Alaska tell Deadspin “chief” isn’t a title typically used now by either people. Dodson told McKenna his “chief” title is hard to explain but is legitimate and something he was born into after a shaman chose his father as a chief. In an interview Friday with WTOP, McKenna said of Dodson: “He’s the only guy that would call himself ‘Chief.'” McKenna said it’s bizarre that nobody checked Dodson out.


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