Redskins Mailbag: Mike Shanahan’s future, Griffin’s knee, running backs and more

Bacarri Rambo Washington Redskins

The 27-year-old missed 10 games a year ago due to injury and has a checkered past when it comes to off-the-field issues. In 2011, he was suspended for the final four games of the season for a third failed drug test. Ten months before that, he was sued for allegedly assaulting a woman by dumping a drink on her in a nightclub, a case still ongoing. At the University of Southern California, he wasn’t allowed to travel to the 2005 BCS National Championship Game because of repeated tardiness. With the help of a few teammates, including wide receiver Santana Moss and offensive tackle Trent Williams, Davis now displays a new maturity apparent to many around him. The Redskins hope Davis will be another weapon for quarterback Robert Griffin III. “You can see it in the way he works,” receiver Josh Morgan said. “You can see it in the meetings. You can see it in his rehab.

Why The Washington Redskins Will Never Change Their Name

That said, the Redskins have a potential gem if Rambo stays out of trouble and improves as a football player. As far as Rambo the player is concerned, what he brings to the table is the ability to play both strong safety and free safety positions with strong safety being what he played while at Georgia. Aside from his positional versatility, Rambo is a sure tackler, good in battling on 50/50 passes against receivers, and does a good job with flowing towards the play. Despite his raw, athletic skills, Rambo struggled with taking bad angles towards a ball carrier, can be easily juked or eluded by ball carriers who reach the second level, and can be effectively blocked by physical receivers. In organized training activities (OTAs), Rambo has spent a lot of time playing and working at the strong safety position given his skill set and that the Redskins also drafted Phillip Thomas out of Fresno State , who was a free safety in college. Given the amount of work he has gotten in OTAs and the depth level at the safety position for the Redskins, Rambo could get significant playing time in the 2013 season.

The Baltimore Ravens have released their fullback Vonta Leach (stupid move in my opinion). What’s the chance the Redskins signing him? It would help the Skins backfield and pass protection greatly.  – John I don’t see that happening. The Redskins just re-signed the younger Darrel Young to a three-year deal with a base salary of $3.9 million, and they’re very high on him. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan considers Young to be one of the top fullbacks in the league because of his blocking ability and running and pass-catching skills. Do you think Mike and Kyle Shanahan will do a better job this season of rotating running backs so Alfred Morris can avoid another 330-plus carry season?  Shanahan played a huge part in the destruction of Terrell Davis’s knees and I’d hate to see the same thing happen again. Take another example in Cadillac Williams: Jon Gruden ruined his career early on handing him the ball seemingly every play.  No matter how much bigger, faster and better these players are, knees haven’t changed.  They can’t continue to take abuse like that.

davis 6.14.13

The Redskins, the NFL’s third-most valuable franchise at $1.6 billion, rank 13th of the league’s 32 clubs in Brand Keys’ sports loyalty index. That’s only slightly above average, but as Passikoff notes, the club ranks No. 7 in the “history and tradition” component of the index, keeping company with franchises like Green Bay, Chicago and Dallas. That history component is the foundation – it varies little from year to year, bringing sustained value, while the rest of the index fluctuates with the recent fortunes of the team. Washington had been mired in mediocrity for years until Robert Griffin III created a new buzz and a playoff ride this past season. Meanwhile, Forbes assigns $131 million of the Redskins’ $1.6 billion valuation to its brand strength, behind only the Cowboys and Patriots. How much of that brand strength is specifically tied up in the name? It’s impossible to say, exactly. But when you’re minting money even in down years, as the Redskins do, you don’t have much interest in trying to find out.


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